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Open Shackle
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'The One' Thumb Control Padlock New

'The One' Thumb Control Padlock

 Lock opens with directional motions (up, down, left, right), with a sliding button easily manipulat..

£6.00 Ex Tax: £5.00

Abus 145/20 Colour Comb Padlock

 9 coloured bodies. Lightweight lock body. Resttable code. Steel shackle. Ideal for luggage and/..

£9.61 Ex Tax: £8.01

Abus 145/40 Combination Padlock

 Lightweight lock body made from aluminium. Resettable code. Available in 9 colours. SizeBody Wi..

£15.88 Ex Tax: £13.23

Abus 155/40 Combination Padlock In Stock

Abus 155/40 Combination Padlock

 Resettable Code. 4 wheel Steel shackle. Tough die cast body. SizeBody Width - 44.5mm Shackle Cl..

£17.05 Ex Tax: £14.21

Abus 158/40 Combi Padlock

 Open hardened steel shackle. Shackle locks on both sides. 3 pin, resettable, combination mechanis..

£24.05 Ex Tax: £20.04

Abus 158/50 Combi Padlock

 Open hardened steel shackle. Shackle locks on both sides. Resettable combination mechanism. Saw ..

£25.09 Ex Tax: £20.91

Abus Traveller 147TSA/30 Padlock 2-3 Days

Abus Traveller 147TSA/30 Padlock

 ABUS 147TSA series combination luggage open shackle padlock conforms to Transportation Security Adm..

£12.25 Ex Tax: £10.21

Abus Traveller 155/30 Combi Padlock

 Resettable Code. Steel shackle; Ideal for luggage or sports bag. SizeBody Width - 31mm Shackle W..

£10.93 Ex Tax: £9.11

Abus Traveller 165/30 Comb Padlock

 Brass body. Open hardened steel shackle. Shackle locks on both sides. Resttable Code. Ideal for..

£12.38 Ex Tax: £10.32

Abus Traveller 165/40 Comb Padlock

 Tough solid brass body. Durable security. 3/4 digit ressetable combination. Steel shackle. Idea..

£17.93 Ex Tax: £14.94

Asec Open Shackle Combi Padlock In Stock

Asec Open Shackle Combi Padlock

 The Asec open shackle 4-digit combination padlock features a hardened steel shackle and quality zin..

£10.68 Ex Tax: £8.90

Squire CP50 Combi Padlock New In Stock

Squire CP50 Combi Padlock

 Easy to use. 10,000 combination, resettable. Dual compound lock body cover. 4 wheel recodeable w..

£33.58 Ex Tax: £27.98

Squire Stronghold Combi O/S Padlock

 Premium lock manufacturer Henry Squire & Sons Ltd has unveiled its new Stronghold® SS50 Combi, purp..

£78.74 Ex Tax: £65.62

Yale Y879/55/130/50MM Combi Padlock

 Steel body. Weatherproof cover. Resettable combination. For use as a barrier deterrent. Corrosi..

£25.74 Ex Tax: £21.45