Bar Padlocks

Bar Padlocks
High strength bar padlocks with a sliding bar to secure the variable locking devices. Higher protection from cropping and sawing with a fully hardened body.
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Abus Titalium 82TI/70 Bar Padlock

 Solid lock body made from Titalium (Special Aluminium). Hardened steel shackle with Nano Protect c..

£21.56 Ex Tax: £17.97

Cisa 28550 Bar Padlock Range In Stock

Cisa 28550 Bar Padlock Range

 5 pin mechanism. Solid hardened steel body & shackle. Re-keyable cylinder. Product Features 0 ..

£79.49 Ex Tax: £66.24

Master 6270 Shackleless Padlock

 Master Lock's round "hockey puck" padlock with concealed shackle. Particularly suitable for van doo..

£92.40 Ex Tax: £77.00

Squire SHCB65 Combination Padlock

 10,000 combinations, resettable. Hardened steel shackle - rotates for extra saw resistance. Solid..

£57.52 Ex Tax: £47.93

Squire SHCB75 Combination Padlock

 Hardened steel shackle that revolves for excellent cutting resistance. Black plastic cover. Large..

£80.58 Ex Tax: £67.15

Squire Stronghold WS75 Bar Padlock 2-3 Days

Squire Stronghold WS75 Bar Padlock

 Squire Stronghold, high security bar padlock. Designed to withstand the most determined attacks wit..

£87.18 Ex Tax: £72.65