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Abus 190CS/60 Combination Padlock

 4 digit resettable code - Set your own PIN. Solid hardened steel jacket - Ball bearing locking. P..

£95.16 Ex Tax: £79.30

Abus Diskus 26/70 Padlock

 Hardened steel alloy shackle. Solid lock body construction. Pin tumbler cylinder with anti pick m..

£40.61 Ex Tax: £33.84

Abus Titalium Padlock 54TI/30 In Stock

Abus Titalium Padlock 54TI/30

 The 54TI series is the standard level to the new generation of padlocks. With a TITALIUM™ lock body..

£7.18 Ex Tax: £5.98

Cisa 28350-62 Close Shackle Padlock

 Key to lock and unlock. Padlock is key retaining when opening. Padlock keyed upto Cisa Lim sectio..

£114.74 Ex Tax: £95.62

Era 975-91 Close Shackle Padlock

 This padlock has a 5 Lever locking mechanism with a close hardened steel shackle offering maximum s..

£63.13 Ex Tax: £52.61

Squire SS65CS Padlock

 Boron alloy hardened steel shackle for extra protection. Solid hardened steel body. 6 pin tumbler..

£172.03 Ex Tax: £143.36

Union Conquest 1K12 C/S Padlock 2-3 Days

Union Conquest 1K12 C/S Padlock

 Formerly made by Chubb, these open shackle padlocks achieve CEN grade 6 and Sold Secure gold. Prod..

£201.98 Ex Tax: £168.32

Union Hercules B-1K57C Padlock

 Hardened solid steel body with completely concealed sliding shackle. Key withdrawal only when lock..

£249.79 Ex Tax: £208.16

Yale 210C Closed Shackle Padlock

 Solid steel body. Boron shackle. Double ball bearing lock. Tested to British Standard. SizeBody..

£38.44 Ex Tax: £32.03