Fitted into the edge of wooden or metal doors and operated with a key from either side of the door.
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Asec Mortice Deadlock 76mm SC

 Locked/unlocked by turning of the key. Product Features Suitable for internal locks. SizeBackset..

£19.02 Ex Tax: £15.85

Chubb 3G114E BS Mortice Deadlock New

Chubb 3G114E BS Mortice Deadlock

 Bigger, thicker deadbolt. Key operation from outside and in, to lock/unlock. 5 lever mortice dead..

£65.26 Ex Tax: £54.38

Chubb at Heart 3G110 Deadlock

 Dead bolt is locked by the use of a key from either side. Can be supplied with micro switch for us..

£129.96 Ex Tax: £108.30

Era Deadlock 231-51

 Deadbolt locked or unlocked by key from either side. High quality brass components. SizeBolt Thro..

£32.94 Ex Tax: £27.45

Era Fortress Deadlock 64mm (SC)

 British Standard to BS3621 Mortice Deadlock Retro-fit replacement for old Era Fortress Deadlocks ..

£41.50 Ex Tax: £34.58

Legge 2512 Deadlock 76mm (SS)

 Deadbolt is locked or unlocked by turn from inside. SizeCase Width - 76mm Backset - 56mm Case He..

£15.66 Ex Tax: £13.05

Legge Mortice Deadlock 5641/5761

 Deadbolt by key from either side. Mechanism - 5 Lever. Product Features 0 SizeCase Height - 64m..

£39.84 Ex Tax: £33.20

Securefast Mortice Deadlock 76mm SC

 This lock can be used on wooden or steel doors, internally or externally. The deadbolt is locked an..

£25.01 Ex Tax: £20.84

Union 2100 BS Mortice Deadlock

 By key from either side. Mechanism - 5 lever. Product Features 0 SizeCase Width - See Size Char..

£30.07 Ex Tax: £25.06

Union 2101 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

 By key from either side. Mechanism - 5 Lever Product Features 0 SizeWidth - 77.5mm (3") Height..

£32.65 Ex Tax: £27.21

Union 2134E BS Mortice Deadlock

 British Standard 5 lever Mortice deadlock (insurance approved). Product Features Anti Drill plate..

£41.06 Ex Tax: £34.22

Union 2157 3 Lever Mortice

 By key from either side. Can be keyed alike with the Union 2177, 2077, 2157, 2277 and 2477 3 Lever..

£33.04 Ex Tax: £27.53

Union 2177 Mortice Deadlock

 The Union 2177 3 lever mortice deadlocks are ideal for timber doors hinged on the left or right and..

£23.72 Ex Tax: £19.77

Union Essential 3L Deadlock 3" CH

 Union endorsed 3 lever deadlocks offer an affordable deadlocking solution you can trust. Product F..

£9.55 Ex Tax: £7.96

Union/Chubb 3G114 Mortice Deadlock

 Twinned to Chubb's 3G114E. Key operation to lock and unlock from inside and outside. Product Feat..

£57.96 Ex Tax: £48.30