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Lock Accessories
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 Assa Lock Spray In Stock

Assa Lock Spray

 ASSA Lock Spray is an effective lubricant and cleaner, designed specifically for Assa cylinders and..

£10.73 Ex Tax: £8.94

Assa Lock Cleaner/De-Icer Spray In Stock

Assa Lock Cleaner/De-Icer Spray

 Spray for cleaning and de-icing of lock cylinders. Quickly dissolves and prevents build up of dust..

£16.62 Ex Tax: £13.85

Graphite Dry Powder

 Fine Graphite powder; dry Lubricant spray for locks More effective and suitable in comparison to o..

£6.00 Ex Tax: £5.00

GT85 Spray (400ml)

 GT85 is a general purpose cleaning/lubricating spray, ideal for anywhere non sticky lubrication is ..

£6.26 Ex Tax: £5.22