Door Knobs

Door Knobs
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Asec Mushroom Knob Handle 2-3 Days

Asec Mushroom Knob Handle

 Screw on mushroom knob handle. Unit quantity - single. SizeRose Diameter - 57mm Spindle - 8mm F..

£33.68 Ex Tax: £28.07

Era 116 Entrance Knobset (SC)

 Locking entrance knobset with round rose. Lockable with a key from the outside and with a thumbturn..

£28.45 Ex Tax: £23.71

Era 170 Passage Knobset (SC) 2-3 Days

Era 170 Passage Knobset (SC)

 Designed for internal doors. Non locking from either side. SizeKnob Diameter - 50mm Knob Projec..

£23.77 Ex Tax: £19.81

Heritage Brass Oval Knob Handle CP

 Victorian Half Sprung Face Fix Oval Mortice Knob SizeRose Diameter - 61mm Knob Diameter - 55mm P..

£55.75 Ex Tax: £46.46

L&F 1605 Locking Knob

 92 key series. Operation - By key to lock and unlock. SizeKnob Diameter - 42mm Knob Projection -..

£20.36 Ex Tax: £16.97

Union 5249 Rim Knob Set

 Brass polished lacquer finish knob set. For use with lever rim locks. SizeDoor Thickness - 40mm -..

£28.08 Ex Tax: £23.40

Victorian Half Sprung Mushroom Knob 2-3 Days

Victorian Half Sprung Mushroom Knob

 Face fixing knob set to work with standard 8mm spindles. 3 Fixing screws (supplied with) hold the ..

£38.58 Ex Tax: £32.15

Weiser NA350 Knobset Beverley (PB)

 Key Entry Knobset - Both knobs locked or unlocked by key outside or turn button inside. SizeBackse..

£48.32 Ex Tax: £40.27